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KICC has been an icon and landmark for Kenya and the rest of eastern and central Africa from time in memorial. This has distinguished it as a premiere meeting venue all through the region. KICC boasts of being the largest facility in conference tourism industry South of Sahara and the North of Limpopo and hence why most regional and international conferences have been held including conventions of the UN organizations. Located in the city center, KICC boasts of easy accessibility to and from all major hotels, most of which are five minute walk and even faster when you drive. KICC has the capacity to hold both large and small events, both indoor and outdoors, for the former, we have rooms with excellent ambiance, cleanliness and air conditioning.

The rooms also have halla spread and sound proof to ensure maximum privacy and convenience. For the latter, we have expansive grounds and well-manicured lawns and also helipad in the tower block, where dinners, galas, banquets cocktails can be held while experiencing the serene breeze of the equatorial Nairobi weather. We also have an ultra-modern amphitheatre that in itself manifests contemporary and tradition, which hosts a capacity of 900 seater a session. On the same note, we also boast of having the most sophisticated simultaneous translation equipment in the region, which has been used in various UN Security council meetings and other international forums. In addition, KICC also has various caucus rooms that conveniently serve as office space for secretariat co-ordination and business center
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