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Delegates at South-South Conference Assert Readiness of Emerging Economies to Take Lead in Designing, Implementing Long-Term Development Plans

Speakers Hail Developing World’s ‘Coming of Age’, While Cautioning against Overlooking Persistent Traditional Challenges

Officials from dynamic emerging economies asserted today that their Governments were ready to improve socio-economic conditions at home and help raise development prospects across the global South, proof that many developing countries were now capable of taking the lead in designing and implementing their own long-term development plans.

“Today we celebrate the South’s coming of age,” Indonesia’s representative told delegates gathered in Nairobi, Kenya, for the United Nations High-level Conference on South-South Cooperation. He urged robust support for ever more vibrant economic and financial links within the developing world, describing major developing economies as vital “locomotives” facilitating worldwide progress in areas such as human resource training, while also exchanging ideas and advances in science and technology with their smaller Southern partners. MORE


La Conférence de haut niveau des Nations Unies sur la coopération Sud-Sud a conclu aujourd’hui son débat général, entamé hier, en entendant de nombreuses délégations souligner la nécessité de parvenir, en plus de la promotion de la coopération Sud-Sud, à une meilleure complémentarité entre les coopérations Sud-Sud et Nord-Sud.

Bien que le commerce des pays du Sud ait en moyenne augmenté de 13% par an depuis 1995, pour atteindre 20% du total des échanges commerciaux mondiaux en 2007, a déclaré la représentante de l’Inde, la persistance de certains défis montre qu’au-delà de la coopération Sud-Sud, la coopération Nord-Sud et la coopération triangulaire impliquant les pays du Nord restent indispensables à la réalisation des objectifs de développement. MORE

Global Challenges Require More Innovative Cooperation between Developing Countries, Deputy Secretary-General Tells South-South Conference

Meeting also Hears Message from President of General Assembly, Statement by Administrator of United Nations Development Programme

The many challenges now facing the international community called for stronger and more innovative cooperation between developing countries -– particularly neighbouring States — as well as between them and developed countries, United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro said today as she helped to open the most significant United Nations meeting on the subject in decades, in Nairobi, Kenya.

“Development does not occur in a vacuum,” she said as she conveyed greetings from Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the outset of the United Nations High-Level Conference on South-South Cooperation. “It has proved to be most successful when coupled with strategies to increase cross-border trade and investment.”

The three-day Conference (1-3 December) highlights the growing political and economic ties within the developing world as countries of the South assume leading roles in handling global issues ranging from economic recovery to food security and climate change. It will also review 30 years of progress since the United Nations Conference on Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1978 (for background information, see press release DEV/2777 of 24 November 2009). MORE

UN opens high-level meeting to boost South-South cooperation on 1 December in Nairobi

South-South Conference to highlight interaction among developing countries and their higher profile in world economy and decision-making

United Nations New York, 24 November The most important UN meeting on South-South cooperation in decades will highlight growing political and economic ties within the developing world, as countries from the South assume leading roles in decisions on hot global issues ranging from economic recovery to food security and climate change. MORE

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High-level United Nations Conference, Authorized by General Assembly, to Review South-South Economic Relations

Nairobi Gathering Will Mark 30th Anniversary of Buenos Aires

‘Plan of Action’ on Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries

A high-level United Nations conference on South-South cooperation is to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 1-3 December, 2009, the General Assembly has decided.

All States of the United Nations system, as well as intergovernmental organizations with observer status with the United Nations General Assembly and United Nations specialized agencies and other entities of the United Nations system, have been invited by Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to participate in the Conference. Also invited are Non-Governmental Organizations and public and private sector development partners of the United Nations.

The Assembly decided, by resolution 64/1 of 6 October 2009, that the Conference is to be held “at the highest possible level”. It will have the overarching theme of “Promotion of South-South Cooperation for Development”. It will consist of plenary meetings and interactive multi-sector stakeholder round tables on two sub-themes: (i) Strengthening of the role of the United Nations system in supporting South-South and triangular cooperation; and (ii) South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Development: complementarities, specificities, challenges and opportunities”.

The Conference is the outcome of a United Nations decision to convene such a conference on the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Buenos Aires Plan of Action for Promoting and Implementing Technical Cooperation among developing countries (TCDC).

The General Assembly has described South-South cooperation as an important element of international cooperation for development, which offers viable opportunities for developing countries in their individual and collective pursuits of sustained economic growth and sustainable development, and emphasized that South-South cooperation is not a substitute for, but is complementary to North-South cooperation.

For more information, please contact: The Special Unit for South-South Cooperation, UNDP, Director, Yiping Zhou, e-mail:, Tel.:       +1 212 906 5737


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